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We start the process by creating your Business Facts profile. After answering few questions you'll be ready to start.


Facts completion

In case you or your staff is too busy to complete the facts we have a team of experts that can help with photos, descriptions and translations.



You profile comes with a REST API that is ready to be used by any Android, IOS or web application. We connect you with current partners or help you find Apps interested in using your data & Content.

Facts + Story telling =
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Some Frequent Asked Questions

Can I implement myBusiness Facts into my own website?

Absolutelly, there’s a lot of ways to include your business facts into your website. Doing it will improve your SEO ranking because it follows all the new Google directrices to rank web content.

Can I decide not to include it on my website?

Yes, that’s also an option. It depends on your business model, for example some travel companies prefer to have both strategies separated, on one hand their website and on the other Data and content for their resellers (Kayak, expedia, etc.)

Are you creating an Artificial Intelligence system?

No, we are creating tools that facilitate the communication between companies and A.I. Systems.

Are you part of Siri, Watson, Cortana or other A.I. team?

No, we are a neutral source of facts and content, and we are planning to remain like that.

Are you a Big Data solution?

No, we consider this a Deep Data Solution, which means that we are creating high resolution data set. The problem we see with Big Data is that sometimes it’s pretty superficial, it scratches only the tip of the iceberg of what a company is and has to say. Big Data is important but we believe is time for better data.

Do you resell MyRing information to third parties?

No, we are just a tool that our customers use to own and have full control over their data and facts. We do sometimes introduce developers creating apps with data owners where there's a perfect match, and definitely we encourage a healthy market. But the Data owner has the last say on everything.

How do you guys make money?

By creating the best Capture, Organization and Data sharing tools for our customers, also by brokering Content and Data Distribution (CDN) with big consumers of Data and by creating customized Data Reports.

Can you give me a warranty that Siri or watson will use my data?

No, no one can. A.I. operates in a similar way to Search Engines, it uses an internal logic (aka “The algorithm”) that defines what to use and what to discard. The only thing anyone can do is to play by their rules (Artificial Intelligence Optimization) so they find their data relevant for their results and answers.

Why this is important?

1. Because your traditional Website + SEO strategy is not enough. Websites, paid banners and SEO techniques, belong to the desktop environment. Currently there are more mobile than desktop users and this will only increase dramatically over the next decade.

2. Because it's time for a new online advertising model. The existent one is only an adaptation of one created in the 90s for desktop. We believe content and marketing strategies combined by exclusive content delivered via API will be huge in the future.

3. Because a responsive HTML website doesn't make you mobile friendly: Mobile users only spend 14% in their Mobile Device Browsers, even the best responsive website ever designed will miss 86% of the mobile user attention and 100% on any Wearable.

In one line, what MyRing do?

We set your company for success in a landscape where Mobile, A.I., and wearable’s are more important than desktop.