Integrate Business Facts into your app

Stop scrapping the web, add value to your web or mobile app with data and content straight from the business owner.

First hand quality data/ No Scrapping

Our Facts come from the 2 most reliable sources. The business owner herself or professional experts with deep understanding in the area.

Easy to use

Our API it’s extremely easy to use and it comes in different flavors. We work constantly in our documentation and have a 24/7 response team to tackle any problem you might encounter.

Clean and Annotated

All data is perfectly annotated, allowing developers to create advanced and predictable functionality in top of it.

Clear licenses

Every bit of information, data and content is clearly licensed (most of it under Creative Commons) This will allow you to build complex programmatical solutions without worrying about copyright issues.

Well documented

We have created clear documentation that shows how MyBusiness Facts can be integrated to any web and mobile app. All the repositories are available in Github.

MBF captures and organizes accurate facts for small, big and huge companies.
We work directly with business owners and managers to provide updated photos, professionally written descriptions and translated versions of their content.

If we don't have the data you are looking for, we can help you obtain it.

Create a Data Request and send it in minutes. Our system allows you to organize Crowd-Capturing campaigns, Capturethons and other strategies to get the information you are missing.

Some happy customers:


"We work with more than 2,000 hotels and we need translated descriptions in 3 different languages. MyBusiness facts connected hotels, translators and us. It saved us a lot of time."

-Kenia M. / Director Contracting, TA Inc.

"We use to take images for our App straight out from Google images, now we receive them directly from the wineries"

-Tim R. / CEO BotellaJerez

Spend more time improving your App functionality, let us find the data you are still missing.