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Telling the story behind your business

In a world of cold facts providing your story will bring another dimension on how your business is understood and appreciated. Connect better with your customers by providing stories, facts and all the details that makes your business great.

What's inside your Business profile?

Your Company facts

Tell your company’s story, what drives it, who is behind it. Tell us basic information like hours of operation, how it’s easier to reach you, causes your company support, etc.

Your Location Information

Share the locations of your business in the physical world, but also on the web and mobile apps, help your customers find you in every retailer that carry your product, maximize your conversion rate.

Your Product Details

What is your product name, what benefits your customers will get from buying it, what does it look like (photos, video, ect). The more specific the better, customers and media love details.

Your Stories

The best way to make a new client is by telling stories that they can share with friends and family. Customers want to know what makes your company tick and what is the passion that drives it.

Facts + Story telling =

When your customers are looking for your product they have plenty of questions. The best way to gain their trust is by providing all the information and answers they need on the spot. MyRing helps you create a knowledge Base that is compatible with any system, mobile app or website.

Some happy customers:

"We used to a have a passive role in the way Online Stores sell our hotel, now we can provide new photos, add new descriptions and be more proactive"

Carol R. / Owner, Compass Hotel

"We thought creating an App for mobile was the next step after building our website, thank god that was not the case, we are working with 8 apps and selling more than ever”

Andres G. / New Accounts, Shoesmatter

"Every great love
starts with a great story"
-Nicholas Sparks

Make your product more appealing by telling the story behind it. (How it works?)