Great Facts kill poor Reviews

Don't let poor photos, outdated info, and bad reviews define how you look online, become your company's main source of stories and facts and start engaging your customers in a more meaningful way.

What is a Business Fact ?

Business facts are everything related to your company, but most importantly stories behind it. Things that can show tradition, passion and dedication. Think at them as the human side of your business.

Some examples

The Beatles wrote the song "Michelle" while at the hotel, and took all the hangers from the closets when they left.
- The Plaza Hotel

8,260 cups of coffee are served every day at Disney Magic Cruise
- Disney Cruises

The logo, signage, bags, and uniforms were all designed by Pentagram in a project led by principal graphic designer Paula Scher.
- Shake Shack

What are your business facts?

Press, Online Stores and A.I. crave Facts

Engage across platforms, even the newest ones. When you tell the story behind your product you are making it easy for Search Engines, A.I. and Mobile Apps to understand it in great detail. (how it works?)

But what if my company already has a website?

Great, having annotated Data in the form of a Business Facts is the perfect complement to your already existent website. It can help boost your SEO(1) and will allow your product to gain access to next generation devices where a website simply can’t go. (how it works?)

(1. Google recently released rules establish that annotated websites will rank higher in results. MBF Provide website Annotation and API REST in the same service)

Some happy customers:

(Business Owners)

"We used to a have a passive role in the way Online Stores sell our hotel, now we can provide new photos, add new descriptions and be more proactive"

Carol R. / Owner, Compass Hotel

"We thought creating an App for mobile was the next step after building our website, thank god that was not the case, we are working with 8 apps and selling more than ever”

Andres G. / New Accounts, Shoesmatter

Get ahead of the game, make "Business Facts" your biggest competitive advantage.